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About Us


Talbert Architectural is the premier Veneer Company servicing the western United States, Canada, and Mexico. Talbert started with a firm knowledge base in the veneer business that reaches back to the 1950s in Los Angles. With multiple generations of experience in the veneer and cabinetry industry, we knew that Panels and Doors had to focus on satisfying the industry's demands. Pairing the two integral parts of a blueprint match Conference room, Lobby, Restaurant, hotel, or office building into one contract to assure matching and the most cohesive look possible. We know that communicating with the customer and the contractor is a primary part of getting it right. In an effort to bring our customers the best selection of raw materials we rely on our relationships with our suppliers from 6 continents and the use of today's (high tech) to get you the right product in the quickest of most cost-effective way possible.

  As an Environmentally friendly business, we have embraced Controlled and certified woods, and we were the first veneer company in California to be FSC® certified (FSC® C014235). This drive to embrace environmental and social concerns moved Talbert to open Perfecta finishing in 2018. A U.V. cured finishing system that helps to complete our product under one roof. Talbert is pleased to say that we are one step closer to bringing our vision to reality, combining our Two facilities into one in 2020 we have control and oversite of your project all in one place. To help our customers realize their goals we have always offered value-added options from cut-to-finish size parts to 90 minutes fire-rated doors let Talbert do the work on the state-of-the-art machines and save your pocketbook the cost of additional rent, labor, and machinery costs. 

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